Buone notturne


Buone nuove dalla notte. Intervista pubblicata non ricordo dove ai Royksopp, in occasione dell’imminente lancio di “Junior” (che comunque l’intertron ha già lanciato):

Does it not bother you if people are picky, and take only two or three songs off of ‘Junior’?
That doesn’t bother me at all. Obviously it’d be nice if people got the whole album, as it’s part of a concept that’s in two parts. I don’t know if you know this, but ‘Junior’ is to be released along with ‘Senior’, which is out later in the year. We worked on both simultaneously. It’s true! It’s a nod to the old ‘70s concept albums – one in spring, and hopefully the other in autumn. So we’ve made something with a naïve belief that people will take time and listen to the whole thing. But we know that not everyone will do that, and we don’t mind. Perhaps, from an egocentric point of view, it’s better if people listen to three songs and then decide not to get the album, than get it and never play it.”

Doppia razione di Royksopp nel giro di sei mesi? Count me in! E oltretutto spiega anche una certa direzione “solare” di “Junior”, o almeno io leggo così la faccenda del nome-anti-nome.

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